Natural stone of an intense yellow colour with grey veins. Its aesthetics and colour tone make this stone an ideal product for interior design and use in bathrooms, kitchens and worktops.

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Our guarantees

  • Almost 70 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the stone industry.

  • We own high quality Spanish marble quarries.

  • We carry out inspections and quality controls in the Quarries and inspections in the factory before shipments.

  • We have a large production capacity and we meet delivery deadlines.

  • We are certified with the ISO-9001 Quality Standard and ISO-14001 Environmental Management Standard.

  • We have the most competitive prices.

Sizes and finishes

Our Spanish Marble, Natural Stone and Granite products can satisfy all the needs of the national and international market, we contemplate the most common sizes and finishes, as well as special sizes and finishes tailored to the needs of our customers.


  • Standard slabs of:
    • 60×30 cm. – 24×11 inch.
    • 60×40 cm. – 24×15 inch.
    • 30×30 cm. – 11×11 inch.
    • 40×40 cm. – 15×15 inch.
    • 50×50 cm. – 19×19 inch.
    • 60×60 cm. – 24×24 inch.
  • Cut slabs to size (according to your specifications: 70x70cm, 80x80cm, 90x90cm, 120x120cm, etc.).
  • Slabs from 2 cm to 3 cm thick (or even more according to your request).
  • Customised requirements.


    • Unpolished (rough),
    • Polished
    • Honed
    • Sandblasted
    • Bush-hammered
    • Aged
    • Flamed

The technical sheets and, in general, the information contained herein are based on tests considered reliable, although their accuracy is not guaranteed in subsequent tests due to the inherent variability of natural stone.